Youth Devotionals

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Godly Leadership - Chapter 2 Day 5

Read 2 Corinthians 3:4-6
Here is a reminder of from where your strengths really come. 

In your journal write some ways that you have wrongly relied on your own strengths, and ask God how you might be able to rely more on Him in the future.





Godly Leadership - Chapter 2 Day 4

Read Micah 6:8

Think about the things that God requires of you. 

What does it look like for a leader to be just, merciful, and humble? 

In your journal today reflect on what Micah 6:8 means to you.



Godly Leadership - Chapter 2 Day 3

Read Proverbs 11:25; Acts 3:19-20; 1 Corinthians 16:18; and Philemon 7,20

What word do these passage have in common? Underline, highlight, write down this word in these four passages. 

God knows the challenges of leadership are great, and He desires to give us times of refreshment. How does God refresh you? Is it friends, activities, laughter? 

In your journal write a thank You to God, specifically for the recent times of refreshment He's given to you.


Godly Leadership - Chapter 2 Day 2

Read 1 Chronicles 16:8-12

There are nine commands in this passage. In order for a leader to be led by God, first she needs to obey Him. We sometimes wonder about God's will for our lives. Often the answer to this question is found by obeying the things He wants us to do—things that are clearly shown in His Word. In your journal write out each verse of this passage (one on each line), and then write your own response after it. 



Godly Leadership - Chapter 2 Day 1

Read James 3:1-12

It doesn't matter how much talent, ability, or intelligence a leader has. If a leader is unable to control his tongue, it's all for nothing. In your journal today reflect on how you've used your tongue either to build other up, or to team them down. If appropriate, write out a confession to God, and ask Him for help in making it right with anyone you may have hurt. 




Godly Leadership - Chapter 1

Read Psalm 119:1-24

As we study the heart of the leader, we must stay focused on the instruction God gives us for taking care of our hearts. In your own words rewrite this portion of Psalm 119 as a prayer to God.